Boil advisory remains in effect in Parkersburg

PARKERSBURG — A Parkersburg-wide boil water advisory issued Thursday and expanded Friday remains in effect today.

The Parkersburg Utility Board announced Friday that levels in the tanks were becoming critically low, and it became necessary to start pumping to the system.

Eric Bennett, manager of the utility board, said that as of Saturday afternoon, the storage tanks had been brought up to the minimal requirement levels making them acceptable to be flushed.

Bennett said the utility board would be sending out personnel to see if they can continue with testing, or need to flush the entire system. If they are able to proceed with testing, then it will take 18-20 hours after sampling before the results are back and the utility board knows whether or not the boil advisory can be lifted, he said.

Initially, the advisory was issued Thursday for all customers north of the Little Kanawha River. The utility board reported, in a news release, that a problem occurred causing reduced pressure in the distribution system and discoloration in the water.

The boil water advisory, which was expanded to south Parkersburg and the Pettyville area on Friday, now includes all Parkersburg Utility Board customers.

Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, bathing and food preparation.

“Until the treatment plant is placed back into normal operations the boil water advisory will remain in effect,” the PUB said. “The Parkersburg Utility Board and its staff are committed to providing this community with a safe and reliable source of water.”