Vienna Finance Committee discusses pool

Jim Leach, Vienna Finance Committee member; Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp and Amy Roberts, Vienna finance director, listen during Tuesday’s meeting. (Photo by Madeline Scarborough)

VIENNA — Among the discussions at Tuesday morning’s Vienna budget meeting was the topic of what to do with the broken baby swimming pool at Jackson Park.

According to Steve Black, Vienna Parks director, the pool has a broken pipe that could end up being a costly fix.

Black laid out plans and put together the figures to present to the Vienna Finance Committee.

For the splash pad design presented it would cost $194,000 to complete.

“These are figures from only one company, and for a very high end splash pad, so the price could be lower,” said Black.

Black said they are still exploring the best option for the closed down pool area.

“I just want to get the ball rolling,” he said.

“The project is not expected to be anything very large, as it is being placed where the baby pool used to be,” said Black.

Black pointed out that many of the surrounding areas have similar sections to this with their pool, just larger scale than the city plans on making it.

“Right now we have options for adults and teens, but nothing for anyone 6 and under, making this a good investment,” said Black.

Black said that if council wants to take this route for replacing the baby pool space, he will be examining other bids.

An update was given on the Streetscape Project, aimed at improving both sides of Grand Central Avenue from 25th to 34th streets.

The costs were reviewed because 30 percent of the drawing and cost estimate for construction has been completed and submitted.

Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp said the city was awarded $143,000 in two grants for the project.

“The city will be in charge of matching 20 percent, which is $28,000,” said Rapp.

Ninety percent of the drawing and cost estimate for construction is planned to be completed in January, according to Steve Staats, a landscape architect with Burgess and Niple.

“At that point we will have a better cost estimate, timeline and idea of what to expect with the project,” said Staats.

The Streetscape Project was forwarded to City Council for full consideration.

“Questions need to be addressed such as ‘where to start’ or ‘how would we section it off,'” said Rapp.