Williamstown to close two alleys near new school

Williamstown City Council members Jim Parker, Barbara Lewis and Jim Stage discuss how to address the crosswalk issues in the city. (Photo by Madeline Scarborough)

WILLIAMSTOWN — Williamstown City Council Tuesday passed an ordinance to close off the two alleys where the new school will be located, between Henderson Avenue and Caroline Avenue and the other between Caroline Avenue and Cherry Avenue.

Councilman Marty Seufer said the alleys run onto existing school property.

The park committee is still looking into new equipment for Tomlinson Park, including a new jungle gym.

“We haven’t chosen a jungle gym yet, nor the best location to construct it,” said Councilman Barbara Lewis.

“Thanks to the Lions Club, we will be able to get handicap equipment as well,” said Lewis.

Lewis presented council with an update from the Tree Committee. In the past month they have removed three rotted trees in the city, cleared four trees and overgrown brush from Fenton Park and have been responding to and taking care of requests made for tree trimming.

Seufer brought up that he and Police Chief Shawn Graham were concerned about the lack of yielding to pedestrians, who have the right away, at many of the crosswalks in town at last council meeting.

Williamstown resident Sheila Aldsworth expressed those same concerns at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Aldsworth proposed purchasing signs to use at crosswalk intersections to help control traffic when children and pedestrians are trying to cross.

Seufer and Lewis are looking into purchasing the signs; where they will be placed and how many are needed will be decided at a future meeting.

In other business:

∫ On Oct. 27, there will be a craft show at Williamstown High School from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and at 4 p.m. there will be an Elvis Tribute by Blaine McVickers at Tomlinson Park. The time was moved up in hopes of encouraging those leaving the craft show to check out the music and food at Tomlinson Park, Lewis said.

∫ Nov. 24 will be the Christmas Parade. Line up is at 6 p.m. and the parade begins at 7 p.m. This year’s theme is winter wonderland.

∫ Council accepted an audit proposal from BHM CPA group for $5,000.