Belpre BOE discusses state report card results

Belpre City Schools Superintendent Tony Dunn, left, gives a report at Monday’s meeting of Belpre City Schools Board of Education as board President Brenda Church and district Treasurer Lance Erlwein look on. (Photo by Wayne Towner)

BELPRE — The Belpre City Schools Board of Education continued its discussion of the state report card results for Belpre City Schools at its meeting Monday night.

Bernie Boice, the district’s director of instruction, went over the district report card with board members and reviewed activities and programs the district has instituted over the last few years and at the current time to address issues the state of Ohio considers important and ways the district is seeking to make improvements.

The report card was released in September. Boice said in many areas schools showed improvements in scores, but were graded low by not meeting other requirements set forth by the state.

“We have lots of places where we are seeing good growth,” he said, but officials will look at ways to increase performance in other areas. In some cases, the difference between a good grade and a poor grade can be determined by a handful of students, he said, citing one area where the difference in three students dropped the grade by a letter.

The district report card looked at performance index, indicators met, progress, gap closing, objectives, graduation rates, improving at-risk K-3 readers and preparation for success.

Boice said the district has taken steps to find ways for improvements in many areas. Those include small group instruction sessions, summer reading academy, counseling, summer credit recovery, focus groups and positive behavior support.

“We do look at the report card and find value in the data that is there, but we do not feel it is a total reflection of everything that happens in our district that can’t easily be described in a report card,” Boice said. “We have a lot of good things going on that don’t get characterized and reflected in that report card, but we do take the data in the report card seriously. We look at every component carefully and try to work on those, making strategies,” he said.

In other business, the board adopted a resolution recognizing Oct. 22-26 as National School Bus Safety Week and officially recognizing all members of the district’s transportation department. The board urged parents to discuss bus safety with their children and urge them to follow safety rules.

The board approved a $25,547.98 invoice for payment to Law Heating and Cooling. Superintendent Tony Dunn said the situation involved an old freezer at Belpre High School which malfunctioned and had to be replaced quickly.