Opening act cancels at Homecoming

The Davisson Brothers

The major act on the opening night next week of the Parkersburg Homecoming has canceled.

The Davisson Brothers Band from Fairmont has exercised a cancellation clause in its contract that allows it to accept a major national tour or any television or movie appearances, United Talent, which represents the band, said, according to a release from Rick Modesitt of Rick Modesitt Associates.

Modesitt, with Chuck Lipps of RMA, is on the Homecoming committee for entertainment.

The three-day Homecoming opens Friday.

“The Davisson Brothers are having to cancel their performances between Aug. 13 and 26,” Lance Roberts, who represents the band, said. “They are too upset about this, however, can’t pass up on this career opportunity.”

Other dates that will be canceled by the Davisson Brothers are on Aug. 18, Aug. 22 and Aug. 25.

“This type of cancellation is not uncommon when a band is offered a national tour or TV/movie deal,” Modesitt said in the release. “The Davisson Brothers are the hardest working country band West Virginia, and they deserve a big break.”

RMA has begun the search to find a replacement act within a similar budget that will offer a great show, he said.

“No one likes a cancellation, but that is the nature of show business,” Modesitt said.