Court agrees to hear Blankenship case

CHARLESTON – The West Virginia Supreme Court announced Thursday it will hear arguments next week in Constitution Party candidate Don Blankenship’s attempt to get on the Nov. 6 ballot for the U.S. Senate.

Blankenship’s attorney, Bob Bastress, makes the case that the Secretary of State misinterpreted the state’s “Sore Loser” law, which prevents candidates who lost a major party primary from running as an affiliated or minor party candidate in the general election.

Blankenship ran as a Republican in the May primary, coming in third. He lost to Morrisey, who won with 34.9 percent of the vote. Morrisey was followed by U.S. Rep. Evan Jenkins of Cabell County with 29.21 percent and Blankenship with 19.97 percent.

Read the story in The News and Sentinel on Friday.