Williamstown council passes two ordinances

Blaine Myers, Williamstown city attorney, left, speaks about the swimming pool water as Mayor Jean Ford and city council members Jim Parker and Barbara Lewis read the ordinance on Tuesday. (Photo by Jeffrey Saulton)

WILLIAMSTOWN — Two ordinances, one regarding sewer use and the other pay raises, passed their first readings Tuesday at the city council meeting.

Blaine Myers, city attorney, said the amendment to the ordinance for sewer use and storm water management eliminates the classification of chlorinated swimming pool water from private pools as a non-pollutant.

“I think it’s best to leave it alone,” he said.

Myers said council could amend the ordinance to include all water.

Councilman Marty Seufer offered an amendment to include chlorinated pool water with the following amendment: “Use of public sewer is required; for all swimming pool water shall be discharged into the sewer system.”

After a lengthy executive session, council approved the pay raises for city employees that were included in the new fiscal year budget.

After the closed meeting, Seufer said the pay raises were meant to make the pay rates more equal across the board.

“We are working to bring up the bottom,” he said. “In the maintenance department we had one employee who made $21,800 per year and another was making $22,006 and we want to get our base up to $25,000 a year.”

Mayor Jean Ford asked for a motion on the pay ordinance and it was approved in unanimous vote. A second reading will be at the next meeting on Aug 7. It was noted the raises are retroactive to July 1.