Wood County Commission sets levy rates

PARKERSBURG — The Wood County Commission set the county’s levy rates Tuesday for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

The commission unanimously approved the levy rate Tuesday at the Wood County Courthouse. Commission President Blair Couch could not attend in person and participated via phone. County Clerk Mark Rhodes and County Administrator Marty Seufer also attended.

The commission kept the levy rate the same as last year.

The rate on Class 1 property remained unchanged at 13.49; Class 2 property remained at 26.98; and Class 3 property remained at 53.96.

The levy rate is expected to raise around $12.45 million from property taxes. The commission recently approved the $21.6 million budget for the county.

”I think it is great that we were able to keep the tax level flat,” Commissioner Jimmy Colombo said.

With this, Wood County still remains the 51st lowest levy rate in the state, he added.

Commissioner Robert Tebay said it is always a challenge in making sure there is enough money to do what is needed.

”It is always tough to get enough money to run the county,” he said. ”We are doing it without having to raise the levy rate. You always look for other ways to find money and be able to provide services for the county.”

The county raised the levy rate last year but was able to maintain it this year.

Colombo said the economy has periods of ups and downs and he expects it to go up with new business opportunities in the area.

”It will go back up again,” he said.

Following the IEI fire last fall, Tebay said, officials are aware how delicate their finances can be.

”We just pray all the time we don’t have a major disaster, like the (IEI) fire,” he said. ”We are thankful we had the aid of the governor and the State of West Virginia to back us up.”

In December, the governor presented a $1.4 million check to the commission to help with the costs of fighting the fire and the cleanup.