Promise scholarship application deadlines extended

CHARLESTON — With the end of the teacher work stoppage, students interested in applying for West Virginis’s Promise scholarships now have an extended deadline.

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission announced Tuesday it is extending the application deadline for Fall 2018 Promise scholarships to March 30.

Some students reported they had difficulty completing their Promise applications by the earlier deadline due to the statewide public school work stoppage, and legislators and the governor asked the HEPC to provide relief, said Chancellor Paul L. Hill.

“We understand that some students have been unable to complete their Promise scholarship applications for the Fall 2018 semester due to the public schools being closed and not having access to high school counselors,” Hill said. “We hope that with this additional time that all eligible high school seniors will be able to submit their Promise scholarship applications in order to take advantage of the state’s merit-based financial aid program,” he said.

“Students are encouraged to go out now and complete the Promise application ( and the FAFSA (, which are both available for students to complete if they have not done so already,” said Brian Weingart, senior director of financial aid for HEPC. “Any students who have questions or need assistance applying for the Promise scholarship and any other financial aid may contact our office.”

The HEPC’s Office of Financial Aid and Outreach Services may be reached toll-free at 877-987-7664 or by emailing Additional information about all financial aid programs available to students can be found on the College Foundation of West Virginia website at