Williamstown passes first reading on development project

WILLIAMSTOWN — A ordinance concerning the zoning of a new development that was tabled two months ago was passed on its first reading by the Williamstown City Council on Tuesday.

In September, developer Jeff Martin asked the council to table a reading on ordinance for the zoning of the Tucker’s Landing development that has been annexed by the city.

“As you were going through the zoning issues with Mr. Smith’s place, (Henderson Wilds) and Herron’s Nest, I asked that my request be tabled to make sure everything would work,” he said. “We have determined it is going to work; it’s going to be tough but it’s going to work. I would like to ask the city of at this time they go ahead and make the zoning change on that piece of property.”

Martin added the zoning commission has given its blessing for the development.

Councilman Marty Seufer asked if the issues needed to be placed on the agenda again before they could vote or it they could pick up from where they left off in September

City Attorney Blaine Myers said they could take up the items.

“I think you can take it off the table since this is not the final reading,” he said. “It will have to be on the agenda the next time. We’ve already had a notice of public hearing and I don’t think we need to jump through that hoop again. You can take off the table, vote on the first reading and have the second reading on Dec. 5.”

Councilman Jim Stage made the motion to vote in the first reading and was seconded by Seufer. Stage’s motion passed in a unanimous vote with Councilwoman Barbara Lewis absent.

Martin said he would provide council with a plat of the development at the Dec. 5 meeting.

Council also approved the move of two transmission stations for Dominion from the new Williamstown Elementary School site

Alan Gates, public works director, met with Dominion Energy about moving two transmission stations from the site. He said one was an old station no longer used and the other was the station to regulate gas pressure to the former Fenton Art Glass site and nearby residences.

“One location is just inside of Hunter’s Run and I informed them many houses in that area are very expensive houses and they don’t want to see that station when they come home. The other location in on Sixth Street between Poplar Street and Painter’s Crossing on the left side,” he said.

Gates said any decision on the location must be made by the mayor and council. Gates said the building for the station is about the size of a standard storage building surrounded by a chain link fence. He added th station would be on the company’s right of way.

However, Martin objected to the Poplar Street location.

“Here is my opinion: I don’t want a metal building with a chain link fence out there,” he said. “We don’t allow chain link fences in any of the development over there and metal buildings is going to look like crap out there on the corner.

“I’d prefer brick or stone building and no chain link fence, they can fortify it enough without that fence. It would look awful.”

Council said they would prefer the company consider other location such as elsewhere on the current or build something more aesthetically appealing.

In other matters: 

∫ Council approved the second reading of an ordinance to adopt the updated codified planning and zoning code.

∫ Ordinances regarding rezoning property within the city was tabled to the Dec. 4 meeting.

∫ A proposed Lumos Networks public right of way use agreement was tabled to the Jan. 2 meeting.

∫ Mayor Jean Ford announced the city Christmas parade will take place at 7 p.m. Nov. 25.