Flint: Williamstown High School stadium will be among projects

PARKERSBURG — Williamstown High School’s bleachers and running track will be included in a list of possible athletic facility projects presented to the Wood County Board of Education in December.

Superintendent John Flint said initial information on the athletic facility needs of WHS were presented to the board Tuesday, and officials are getting estimates on those projects and work at Parkersburg High School’s Stadium Field and Parkersburg South High School’s Erickson All-Sports Facility.

Jeff Givens, athletic director for Williamstown High, made the presentation Tuesday, saying the school’s stadium bleachers were insufficient and the track was creating safety issues.

Givens “gave a history on the stadium and where they are today,” Flint said. “When we do this assessment of our athletic facilities, Williamstown will be included.”

Flint said the school’s track, which sits next to the football field, has deteriorated and is a potential hazard for athletes. He said the bleachers also are old and too small.

“Williamstown is on the edge of being a AA school,” he said. “If they ever went to AA, they would need bleachers that can seat 3,000 to qualify” for state events to be held in Williamstown.

Flint said portions of the existing bleachers need replaced because of deteriorating wood planks.

“They have a 10-year lifespan, and that was up 5-6 years ago,” he said.

Flint said he hopes to bring quotes to the school board for work at WHS, PHS and Erickson by the last meeting in December. The board can then prioritize the projects to be completed.

Money for the projects will come from a $650,000 line item in the district’s budget earmarked for facility needs projects.

In October, Flint requested the board consider projects at Stadium Field and Erickson, but was told to first evaluate Williamstown’s needs so the district had information on all high school athletic facilities.