Paving won’t affect Easy Rider routes

PARKERSBURG — Though more roads are set to be paved this week, officials say Easy Rider bus schedules should be relatively unaffected.

Tim Thomas, general manager for the Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority, said the state and city paving projects have had minimal impact on area buses.

“We haven’t changed our routes at all,” he said. “There have been some minor delays, but not really anything serious, and that’s a good thing.”

Thomas said the annual paving projects are something the transit authority plans for each year and officials have procedures in place to deal with any potential delays.

“We send another bus out if there is going to be any kind of significant delay,” he said. “We use our social media accounts to keep riders updated on any changes.”

Thomas said the only route changes occur if a street is actually closed for paving, and often those streets only affect one or two runs a day and are rarely closed for long.

Thomas said the routes are adjusted each fall around some schools that have significant traffic, but otherwise remain unchanged.