Parkersburg City Council members schedule town hall meeting

PARKERSBURG — The second town hall organized by Third District City Councilman Bob Mercer is slated for Monday, Oct. 30, and he’s bringing some fellow council members along.

The meeting is slated for 7-9 p.m. in council chambers on the second floor of the Municipal Building. Mercer said District 1 Councilman Dave McCrady, District 2 Councilwoman Sharon Kuhl and Council President J.R. Carpenter, who represents District 5, plan to attend.

“This is our way, and my way, of reaching out to our constituents and saying, ‘What do you want me to do?'” Mercer said.

There could be additional council members in attendance. Initially, Mercer said they could not have more than four so that there was not a quorum gathered at the meeting, but Carpenter said others could be there as long as no decisions were made.

City Attorney Joe Santer agreed at the Oct. 10 council meeting, but urged those planning to go to be careful not to cross the line into deliberations.

“As long as it’s informational, they’re fine,” Santer said Monday. “They can get information; they can give information; but they have to be careful if they start getting into discussion” with one another.

Mercer organized one town hall meeting in July that drew nearly 50 people to Landmark Baptist Church’s fellowship hall.

“As long as I’m in council, I will have two a year,” he said.

This time, it’s in council chambers because there’s plenty of space and a sound system to accommodate everyone, Mercer said.

“It’s always a good thing to communicate,” Carpenter said of the upcoming meeting. “Bob is very much trying to stay in tune with the people in his district, and I want to participate with him in that as much as possible.”

Carpenter said he looks forward to people sharing “ideas, questions and concerns.”