Ohio, Marietta road crews hitting the pavement for projects

Photo by Janelle Patterson Construction is under way on the Whipple Bridge with one lane of traffic open at a time and controlled by temporary traffic lights.

WHIPPLE — Between Duck Creek Road and The Wrangler tavern more than $2 million is being spent on a deck replacement project for the Whipple Bridge.

The project began at the first of this month and is scheduled to be completed by Oct. 15.

“The guardrail and approach pavements will also be replaced as part of this project,” said Ashley Rittenhouse, public information officer for the Ohio Department of Transportation District 10. “The structure was built in 1952 (and) the deck and beams have served their design life … due to normal deterioration they are in need of replacement.”

But the bridge project is not the only work on the list as the weather heats up.

“We are investing more than $9 million into six construction projects this season in Washington County,” said Rittenhouse. “This includes nearly $4 million in resurfacing projects, $3 million in landslide repairs and $2 million in a bridge deck replacement project. For every dollar we spend on construction this season, 93 cents will go to preserving our existing infrastructure.”

Photo by Janelle Patterson Construction on the Whipple Bridge Monday.

State routes 26, 550, 339 and 145 and (U.S.) 50 will all see resurfacing or landslide mediation work this summer, beginning in June.

“We try to prioritize based on condition, which is physically analyzed annually,” said Rittenhouse. “We then look at traffic volumes, as well as other projects in the area in an effort to minimize conflicts. We also look into the possibility of selling projects with other projects of a similar type, in order to save money.”

Specifically, about 22 lane miles of Ohio 550 from Ohio 339 to Ohio 7 and about 20 lane miles of Ohio 26 from Caywood Road to Fifteen Mile Creek Road will see longer resurfacing repair.

“As always, we urge motorists to stay alert this construction season,” said Rittenhouse. “Please watch for signs indicating a detour, lane closure or other important message and slow down in work zones. Last year, there were 6,041 work zone crashes statewide. They resulted in 810 minor injuries, 186 serious injuries and 28 deaths. This is a slight improvement over 2015, which was the worst year we’d seen in a decade.”

In Marietta, the 2017 repaving season is amping up, with proposed streets now under the process of bid packaging.

“I’m working with (city engineer) Joe Tucker to put together the bid package and put out an application for funds now,” said project manager Dave Hendrickson. “Then based on the money we receive we will prioritize based on the condition and use of the roads on the list.”

Lancaster Street from Alta to Clark, Seventh Street from Putnam to Tim Hortons and Warren Street from Fifth to Seventh are three of 17 streets on the proposal list for this year.

The bid package, once assembled, would first be approved by Marietta City Council to apply for funds from state and federal agencies to coincide with local matches from the city streets funds at $138,000.


Washington County Highway Projects


* Ohio 26: from 0.04 miles west of Caywood Road to Fifteen Mile Creek Road: $1,785,188

* Ohio 550: from 0.03 miles east of Ohio 339 to Ohio 7: $2,128,838

Landslide Repair

* Ohio 339: 0.09 miles north of Warrior Drive in Barlow: $372,314

* Ohio 145: 0.36 miles north of Lower Salem Corporate limit: $928,000

* Ohio 50: on Ohio 7 ramp: $1,870,033

Bridge Deck Replacement

* Whipple Bridge on Ohio 821: $2,060,065

Source: Ashley Rittenhouse, public information officer ODOT District 10


Marietta Proposed Street Resurfacing

* Barber Street from Fearing to Clinton

* Becker Lane from Aurora to Sunset

* Fairview Lane from Clark to end

* Franklin Street from Putnam to Lancaster

* Jefferson Street from Durward Hoag to Eighth

* Lancaster Street from Alta to Clark

* Linwood Avenue from Muskingum to end

* Market Street from Franklin to Gilman

* Montgomery Street from Third to Fifth

* New Street from Gilman to end

* Phillips Street from Warner to Acme

* Seventh Street from Putnam to Tim Hortons

* South Sixth Street from Hart to Wayne

* Tenth Street from Warren to Washington

* Ward Street from Virginia to Pearl

* Warren Street from Fifth to Seventh

* Wyoming Road from Laramie to Edgewood

Source: Marietta Engineering Department