Old computers refurbished for Mid-Ohio Valley schools

Marietta shop fixes donated tech items

Photo by Kate York Fox Computers owner Jonathan Jeffers, front, and Paul Prachun look over a computer they refurbished at the shop.

MARIETTA — A local business owner is hoping to turn one man’s trash into a local school district’s treasure, with plans to refurbish computers and put them directly into the hands of students.

Jonathan Jeffers, owner of Fox Computers, 311 Second St., Marietta, has about six to 10 donated computers he’s working on — and said he would like to see many more.

“Typically people or businesses throw away their older computers but we can take them in, refurbish them and hand them out where they’re needed,” he said. “But we need donations.”

Jeffers, 20, who attended Warren Local schools before being home schooled, said he’d like to first offer any improved computers to that district, either for use in school or to be given to students who lack computer access at home.

“I want the ones who really need it to have it,” he said.

Warren Board of Education member Bob Allen said they would be happy to consider the donation.

“We really appreciate the efforts of local businesses to give back to the schools,” he said. “We would certainly be open to the idea of working with him and utilizing these in the district.”

Allen said a longtime goal for the school system is to have individual computers for every student.

“That’s something we really want, down the road,” he said.

Jeffers said he would accept any computer from 2006 or after. Sometimes updating them can take as little as 30 minutes of his time, he said.

“It really depends on each computer,” he said. “I might have to take the hard drive out, or the RAM is bad…but we have spare parts here and we can put in this free operating system, Ubuntu, which is the equivalent of Microsoft Office.”

Computers have had a big positive impact on his life, something that he wants to pass on, Jeffers said.

“I started working at this shop when I was 15 or 16 and didn’t have anything,” he said. “My mom and I were living in a van. But things got better and I want to give back. Most of our schools don’t have the computers that they need.”

Any business or individuals interested in donating can drop off computers, either desktop or laptop, at Fox Computers or contact Jeffers at 740-373-0915.

“Anything we can get our hands on we will gladly take,” he said. “That includes printers, too.”