Mid-Ohio Regional Airport seeks renewal of military fuel contract

Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport General Manager Jeff McDougle talks during Tuesday’s meeting of the Airport Authority. (Photo by Jeff Baughan)

PARKERSBURG — An application to renew a military fuel contract has been submitted, the manager of the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport said.

General Manager Jeff McDougle told the airport authority Tuesday the existing fuel contract expires March 31 and the deadline for the application was Monday.

“It was 28 pages of paperwork,” said McDougle. “It’s for four years and it’s a very good contract for us. It lets anyone coming in here know our fuel meets military specifications.”

McDougle said the price of fuel has been holding steady and is selling jet fuel at $4.20 a gallon. He added ViaAir has been purchasing fuel at the airport.

“The contract is with the Department of Defense,” McDougle said. “We have provided fuel for Marines, Air Force and Army. We get a lot of transient helicopters and we’ve fueled helicopters here which are part of the presidential fleet. They land, Secret Service empties out and inspects everything. They fuel up and leave. We never know who is in the helicopters.

“You remember the Super Bowl they had in New York a couple of years ago and the helicopter flyover they had before the game. They stopped here to fuel up,” he said. “And there are 15 helicopters stationed here with the Army National Guard.”

The military-approved fuel has allowed the airport to become a training grounds of sort for military pilots. “They know they can fuel up here and we got a lot of touch and go practices with large military aircraft from Washington and Charleston. We are a lot less congested than other airports and so they schedule practice here.”