Wood County receives recycling containers

PARKERSBURG Thanks to the Sir Naik Group of Parkersburg specialized recycling containers are now available for use at area community events.

Wood County Solid Waste Authority Director John Reed said back in the fall of 2013 he was contacted by Jeff D’Costa, director of operations and Business Development of West Virginia’s division of the Sir Naik Group of Companies, asking what they could contribute toward local recycling efforts.

Reed said after discussion, it was determined one of the biggest needs currently was to create recycling opportunities at the many civic events held in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

The business purchased and donated 40 collapsible recycling units which are delivered on two portable carts for easy storage.

“The Sir Naik Group of Companies is pleased to be able to make this contribution to the Mid-Ohio Valley and hopes that residents of the area will join efforts with our organization to help reduce the amount of reusable products being sent to landfills. Our operations are dedicated to providing programs that target recycling, reuse and remediation of products in the plastics, wood and paper and metals industries,” D’Costa said.

“Much has been done over the past six years by the Wood County Solid Waste Authority to inform and encourage the public to recycle, and the people of Wood County have shown that they understand the importance and benefits of participating. Given the means to do so, people of the valley will toss in as they have shown through their high rate of participation in the curbside recycling programs now available. But once they get out in the public, it becomes more difficult if the proper containers are not readily available,” Reed said.

“That’s where Sir Naik Group came into play, making the decision to donate a system of portable recycling collection containers that are now available to any fair, festival or other public event on a first-come basis,” Reed said.

The SWA is administering the program and any organization wishing to use the containers can contact Reed, who will see that they are delivered to the event and picked up afterwards. The SWA also supplies the bags for the units.

The SWA also purchased a matching set of 40 waste containers to place next to the donated recycling units.

Reed said recycling officials have found if both are placed side by side, people will use them as intended.

“If only the recycling containers are made available, they will ultimately end up with trash in them that later needs to be separated,” Reed said.

Any company wanting to contribute the waste side containers, with their advertiising over top of each one, may contact Reed for information.

“This is a great contribution for our community that will benefit not only the coordinators of local events, but our local environment by eliminating thousands of tons of waste in our landfills each year,” Reed said.

For more information, to reserve the containers for an event, contact Reed at his office on the third floor of the Wood County Courthouse, or call 304-424-1873. Reed’s email is jreed@woodcountywv.com.