Twin sisters wed two of triplets: 35-year anniversary

PARKERSBURG – On Aug. 4, 1979, a set of local female identical twins married the two male identical brothers of a set of triplets, all from Parkersburg.

Today, the two couples are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.

Marilyn Lou and Patrick Wayne McDonald live in Mineral Wells, while Carolyn Sue and Perry Craig McDonald live in Parkersburg today.

Patrick McDonald and Perry McDonald have a non-identical sister who forms the third member of the triplets, Pam.

When the couples were dating, 35 years ago, Patrick and Perry planned a surprise for Marilyn and Carolyn. The brothers went over to the sisters’ home, at 1103 Olive St., Parkersburg, on the girls’ birthday and, at the same time but on different sections of the family’s property, proposed to them at the same time, said Carolyn.

On their wedding day, the couples decided to make one affair of their weddings at the Gospel Mission Church on 14th Avenue in Parkersburg, Marilyn said.

“It just seemed natural to have the weddings on the same day,” Marilyn said.

On the big day, the girls’ father, Ralph Husk, walked them up the aisle at the same time, one on each arm, the sisters recalled.

“He had a big grin on his face,” Carolyn said.

The father gave each of his daughters away to their soon-to-be respective husbands, and the two couples stood side-by-side at the altar with two preachers, the Rev. Hayward Gribble and the Rev. Danny Jeffrey, officiating, Marilyn said.

The preachers worked in turns during the wedding ceremony, Marilyn recalled.

“The preacher would come up to one couple and say something, then go over and say it again to the other couple,” Marilyn said.

The pastors took turns through parts of the ceremony, going between the couples, she said.

The two couples parted ways after their ceremonies, taking honeymoons in different locations, Carolyn said.

The couples plan to spend their 35th wedding anniversaries out of town, but did not specify their chosen locations.

In 35 years of marriage, the two couples have become parents and grandparents.

For Marilyn and Patrick, there were two children: Joyce Boyce and Paul McDonald. Joyce Boyce married Justin Boyce and had three children: Harley, Grant and Trapper Boyce, Marilyn said. Paul McDonald is not married and has no children, she said.

Carolyn and Perry had three children: Jeremy McDonald, Amanda Lucky and Joseph McDonald, Carolyn said. Jeremy married Brenna McDonald, and the couple has no children, Carolyn said. Amanda married Eugene Jame Lucky, who had children named Carson and Wyatt Lucky. Joseph McDonald is not married, but has a son named London Nelson, Carolyn said.