Police kill aggressive dog in Marietta

MARIETTA – A French Mastiff seized from a Belpre home last week was shot and killed Monday after escaping from the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley.

The dog has a history of violence and aggression. He was responsible for the previous mauling death of another dog, said shelter manager Steve Herron.

“He was the dog that was taken as a confiscation from a warrant served last (Thursday),” said Herron.

The dog was one of 12 animals seized from the home of Carla Lutz, 62, and Jennifer Lutz, 40, of 759 Sycamore St., Belpre. The home was covered in feces and urine, both animal and human, according to officials.

The dog had previously been ordered euthanized after an attack that killed another dog. However, the dog and two other mastiffs involved in the attack were reported lost and the case was eventually dropped.

The dog was not euthanized when brought to the shelter Thursday because proper legal channels have to followed, said Herron.

The dog, which weighed between 150 and 170 pounds, escaped Monday morning from the shelter by chewing a hole through the metal fencing of his kennel, said Herron.

“Basically, he was outside in a kennel during the daily cleaning, and he literally chewed a three-foot hole in the back of his kennel. It’s basically a metal cross-hatched fence,” he said.

Area law enforcement were called to look for the dog, which was deemed dangerous and unapproachable.

When found Monday afternoon on property owned by the Washington County Home, the dog was aggressive, growling and barking at approaching officers, said Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.

The dog was shot and killed by Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Timothy Call, Mincks said.