Belpre man charged in concrete scam

MARIETTA – A Belpre man was charged with scamming two Vincent residents out of thousands of dollars they paid for work he never performed, the Washington County sheriff said on Friday.

Thomas H. Bailey Jr., 49, 83 Watson Road, Belpre, was charged with two felony counts of theft and was incarcerated in the Washingtion County Jail in lieu of $13,000 bond, Sheriff Larry Mincks said.

Two neighbors reported in late June they were scammed out of thousands of dollars for concrete work that was never completed at their residences, Mincks said.

Mary K. Batten, 601 McGill Road, Vincent, and Martha Smith, 599 McGill Road, paid Bailey to complete projects in June, Mincks said. Batten paid Bailey $3,000 and Smith paid $6,000 in two installments, Mincks said.

Bailey completed a portion of the projects and never returned to complete them, Mincks said. Bailey also left equipment at Smith’s property that was later repossessed by a rental company because Bailey was in debt to it for $18,000 and had not paid rental fees for four months, Mincks said.

Bailey also was banned from purchasing concrete because of $3,000 in bad checks for previous purchases, Mincks said.

Bailey perpetrated a similar scam on a grander scale in Parkersburg in March, Mincks said. The victim paid Bailey $37,000 and gave him a $15,000 truck in exchange for working on his home, Mincks said.

Bailey was paid to place a roof and siding on the residence, but never completed the jobs, Mincks said. In addition, Bailey caused so much damage to the home’s foundation the city of Parkersburg was going to condemn the structure, Mincks said.

Parkersburg Police said Bailey also is suspected of scamming three other residents for not completing jobs for which he was paid, Mincks said.