Almost Queen and food draws crowds

PARKERSBURG – For those who came out Saturday for the second day of the 2014 edition of the Parkersburg Homecoming Festival, the biggest attractions were music and food.

Samantha Kaneff, of Parkersburg, said Homecoming is something she goes to each year.

“I come every year,” she said. “I did miss it last year, however,” she said. “My mom and I used to go to the race in the morning each year.”

Kiera Mosley, also of Parkersburg, said she makes it a point to show up for Homecoming.

“Once you go, you always want to come back,” she said.

Alli King said she liked the roving magician this year, referring to Steve Dixon.

“He was awesome,” she said.

For sisters Terry Wolfe, of Mineral Wells, and Beverly Tice, of Lubeck, the music is the draw to downtown Parkersburg each year. Wolfe said they try to make it at least part of the Homecoming each year.

“I think it’s great,” Wolfe said. “I like the music and entertainment.”

Wolfe said she missed Friday night’s performance of the Texaco Country Showdown and Restless Heart but was looking forward to Saturday night’s performance Almost Queen and tonight’s performance from The Guess Who.

“I’m more country and she (Tice) is more into the rock and roll,” Wolfe said.

Tice said other than music she comes to Homecoming “to see the people I only see once or twice a year.”

“I like the talent show each year and we’ll be here for the music tonight because I am a rock and roll fan,” she said. “I don’t make to country music shows because I don’t really like it that much.”

Tice said she was excited Homecoming had two nights of her favorite music.

Missy Lowe, of Little Hocking, said she wanted to make sure she got two things during Homecoming.

“I’m looking for funnel cakes and a caramel apple if I can find one,”she said. “We came here last year and my son liked the rides.”

Max, her son, said he was looking forward to the rides again this year.

Wolfe and Tice said they had one suggestion for future Homecomings.

“I wish they would put a large tent over the stage area so we won’t have to sit in the sun,” Tice said.

“I’d like to put that in their suggestion box,” Wolfe said.