Williamstown approves Graham as police chief

WILLIAMSTOWN – Wood County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Shawn Graham was unanimously approved as the new police chief during a special city council meeting Monday.

“I think I will miss the hectic pace of the sheriff’s office, but I am looking forward to the new challenges and I love Williamstown,” said Graham.

Graham announced the move to the city of roughly 3,300 people from the sheriff’s office after more than 25 years last week after he announced his retirement from his current position.

“I will miss working in the sheriff’s department, but I love Williamstown and have a history here and had always planned to come back,” he said.

Graham said he attended Williamstown Elementary School, played Little League in the city and had always thought of being the city’s chief of police.

“I had always planned to retire to Williamstown and the position became available a little earlier than I planned, but I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me up,” Graham said.

Mayor Jean Ford told council of the appointment of Graham to replace Chief B.D. Adkins, who will leave the position on July 31 after 10 years.

“I must say it is a real honor for me to ask council to approve my appointment of Shawn Graham as our new chief,” Ford said.

Councilman Gene Duncan made the motion while the council as a whole unanimously approved the mayor’s choice.

“I thank you all for your confidence in me,” Graham told council. “It is bittersweet for me because I am leaving the sheriff’s department, where I have been since I was 19, and coming to Williamstown, which I love and look forward to being a part of this community.”

Graham plans to continue with the sheriff’s office until Aug. 4 and will begin his new life as Williamstown police chief on Aug. 5.

In May, Graham became the third deputy in the history of the Wood County Sheriff’s Office to graduate from the Federal Bureau of Investigations Academy. He has been with the county since he began work as a corrections officer in 1989.

Graham described his career at the sheriff’s office as holding every position possible except for that of sheriff.