Vintage auto auction a big hit in Boaz

BOAZ – Despite a bid of $885,000 for a vintage race car, it remains in the hands of its owner of the past 20 years.

Jim Weigle rejected the bid for an original1962 Shelby Cobra which he said has been appraised at $1.3 million.

Bidding for the Cobra, once owned by Lance Reventlow, a Grand Prix race car driver and heir to the F.W. Woolworth fortune, who died in 1972 airplane crash, began at $700,000, but stalled at $885,000 from an on-line bidder.

Most of the 120 vintage cars in the auction Saturday were owned by Weigle and Daryl Lawrence of Daryl’s Cars. Total sales were unavailable Saturday.

Saturday’s auction attracted hundreds of people, some to look at the vintage cars and others interested in buying to start or add to a collection.

Bethany Parsons of Little Hocking came with her sons. She said while she wasn’t planning on buying a car, there was one she said she wished she could have bought.

“I just came to look around and share with my kids the heritage that comes with the antique cars,” she said. “I could not afford one. The only one I would have cared to own was the 62 Shelby. That thing is beautiful.”

Bill Walker of Philippi and Andrew Walker of Charleston said the attraction for them was to look at the cars.

“We’re kind of looking at some things we saw on line,” he said. “He (Andrew) was kind of interested in picking something up and we thought if something came within our price range we might go home with one.

“But it doesn’t look too promising.”

Andrew Walker said he was interested in the MG or the Studebaker Commander.

Rodney Baker of West Hamlin, W.Va., said he was interested in buying, but the prices were higher than he could afford.

Adam Wright of Nashville, Tenn., citing the GT 40 and Shelby Cobra, said the auction was a good car show.

“As far as a car show they don’t get any better,” he said.

Tom Merrell of Clearwater, Fla., was there to add to his collection and was interested in the Hudson pickup, a1954 Chevrolet convertible and a 1970 Chevrolet convertible.

“I own the Branson Auto and Farm Museum in Branson, Mo.,” he said. “We have about 150 cars, we go around the country looking at these shows.”

Merrell said when he goes to shows, he goes to buy.

“We like to pick up things that are unusual,” he said. “I was interested in the Graham, it is unique.”