Police: Vehicles broken into, stolen

LUBECK – At least eight vehicles and one garage were broken into Monday evening in the Lubeck and Mineral Wells areas.

At least three of those cars were reported as stolen and recovered throughout the evening, officials said.

The events of Monday evening took place throughout Lubeck and Mineral Wells, covering Wood County roads in between, according to reports from the Wood County Sheriff’s Office.

Updates from the sheriff’s office as to the possible relation between the break-ins and vehicle thefts, as well as additional information, were unavailable Tuesday evening.

The events began when a deputy discovered a vehicle belonging to David Fauss on Kesterson Road, off Wood County 38/3, the report said. Fauss’s vehicle was parked awkwardly and partially on an embankment, the report said.

The driver and passenger side windows were broken out of Fauss’s vehicle when it was found, the report said.

Fauss was summoned to his vehicle, where he determined that a tow strap, a set of jumper cables and a toolbox with hand tools were missing, sheriff’s reports said.

Later, Jason Bailey reported that his vehicle had been broken into on Sharon Street in Mineral Wells, sheriff’s reports said. Bailey said a Garmin Nuvi global positioning system, a battery jumper box, two keys and a Fleet fuel card were stolen from the vehicle, reports said.

The keys taken from Bailey’s vehicle were later found in his yard and returned to Bailey, reports said.

While deputies were at the scene with Bailey, they were alerted to the break-in of vehicles belonging to Pro I Electric, the sheriff’s report said. Mark Deem, representative of Pro I Electric, reported two Garmin GPS units had been stolen from company vehicles.

Deputies were then summoned to the intersection of Lubeck Road and Homewood Road in Lubeck where a truck belonging to Thomas Bryan was found, still running with the driver’s door open, sheriff’s reports said. Bryan’s vehicle had sustained damage along the front fender and the bumper.

Bryan was brought to the scene, where he informed deputies that tools, keys and security cards had been stolen from the truck, reports said.

Meanwhile, deputies were alerted to the nearby Lubeck Community Baptist Church, 154 Homewood Road, where Dale Kerns, caretaker of the church, reported the door to the church storage garage had been forced open, causing damage to the door jamb and splintered wood around the door knob, sheriff’s reports said. However, nothing appeared to have been stolen.

On nearby Lubeck Road, deputies observed that six mailboxes had been run over and knocked down, reports said. Deputies believe Bryan’s truck was used to knock the mailboxes down. The six mailbox owners were advised of the property damage, but their names were not reported.

Deputies were then summoned back to Sharon Street in Mineral Wells, where Patricia Galbreath reported that her and her daughter’s vehicles had been broken into, sheriff’s reports said. Among the reported stolen items were a battery jump start unit, a Garmin GPS and a Nano iPod.

At Parkville Apartments, 35 Parkville Drive, between the Lubeck and Marrtown exits along U.S. 50, the vehicle belonging to Reanna Barton was reported as stolen from her residence, reports said. Barton had left her keys on her vehicle console and, upon waking up on Monday morning, discovered her vehicle was missing.

Through a Facebook post about the vehicle, friends helped Barton locate it on Sams Creek Road in Mineral Wells, near the 84 Lumber, 818 Badgley Fork Road, sheriff’s reports said. The vehicle had sustained damage on the front passenger’s side, including a broken headlight, reports said.

Deputies believed Barton’s vehicle had struck an unspecified state road sign, reports said.

When Barton was brought to inspect the vehicle, she discovered what was described as “several items” which did not belong to her. Among these were tools which had initials inscribed on them.

All of the stolen items located in Barton’s vehicle were taken to the sheriff’s office so that proper owners could be contacted, reports said.

According to reports, all of these cases are under investigation by the detective bureau.