Pay raises, police cruisers discussed during meeting

WILLIAMSTOWN – City council began two discussions during the regular meeting Tuesday.

The first discussion regarded giving the city’s employees a raise, which was brought up by Mayor Jean Ford and quickly handed to longtime Councilman Marty Seufer.

Seufer suggested a 5 percent raise across the board for all hourly and salary full-time employees of the city.

“My only problem with it is a percentage makes the amount each person receives different and out of whack,” said Councilman Gene Duncan.

Duncan moved to approve the raises with review discussions likely to occur at the Aug. 5 meeting.

Seufer also brought up the city’s need for a new fleet of police cruisers.

“We need a plan to get new cruisers, but since we are in the midst of looking for a new (police) chief, I think we need to wait until we get a new chief and see what he wants,” Seufer said. “He may have a better plan than we do to replace the fleet.”

Williamstown Police Chief B.D. Adkins has announced he will leave the position after 10 years on July 31.

Once Adkins is replaced, Ford said, the city can begin to discuss the need for cruisers later.

“We are down to one cruiser now with others done or in the shop,” she said.

Councilman Ron Erb suggested council look at raising the city police tax to pay for the new cars.

“When we established the police fee, we figured it would be able to get a new cruiser every three years, but cruisers are getting more expensive,” Erb said. “Maybe we need to look at raising that fee.”

Prior to the meeting’s end, council held a 20-minute executive session to discuss personnel, which resulted in no motions or decisions. Officials refused to speak about what was discussed.