Deputies search for robbery suspect

PARKERSBURG – Deputies are still searching for the suspect who robbed the Marathon gas station at 116 Point Drive on Saturday.

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office said Monday that it is still searching for the suspect who robbed the Marathon station and threatened to kill the worker early Saturday, said Capt. Mark King with the Wood County Sheriff’s Office.

The call came in to the 911 Center at 12:48 a.m. Saturday, dispatchers said.

The suspect was described as a man wearing a mask and no discerning features were provided by deputies on Monday.

The suspect approached the 30-year-old female employee who was working alone at the time of the incident, King said. The clerk’s name is not being released.

The employee was placing the trash in the dumpster when a man attacked her from behind and threatened to kill her if she did not obey him, King said.

The suspect then forced the employee back into the store, where he forced her to open the safe, King said.

Reports from the Wood County Sheriff’s Office say the employee was forced to load the store’s money into the bag for the suspect.

The robber placed the clerk inside the store’s walk-in cooler and closed the door, King said.

The employee hid inside the cooler until she could not hear any more sounds coming from the store, King said.

At that time, she ran outside, retrieved her cell phone from her car, ran back inside, locked herself in the bathroom and called the police, King said.

The suspect’s weapon was not mentioned in sheriff’s reports and it is unclear what manner of weapon was used in the robbery, if any, King said.

The employee was not injured during the incident.

Officers with the Parkersburg Police Department’s K-9 units responded to the scene, but were unable to locate anyone in the area matching the subject’s description, King said.

Officials are asking anyone with information on the incident to contact the sheriff’s department at 304-424-1834.