Police: Man arrested for bomb, threats

EVANS, W.Va. – Based on information from a confidential informant, authorities in Jackson County arrested a man who allegedly had made a functioning bomb and was making plans to use it at the residences of family members or a nearby school playground, an official said.

Jackson County Sheriff Tony Boggs said Thursday the device was found at the home of Blake Ryan Garnes, 20, 181 Garnes Valley Drive, Evans, during a Wednesday night raid.

Boggs said the bomb was made to cause extensive destruction and injury.

“It was a crude homemade device that contained black powder and other materials that would cause damage on detonation,” he said.

Garnes was charged with terroristic threats and possession of an incendiary device. He was arraigned by Jackson County Magistrate Tom Reynolds, who set Garnes’ bond at $500,000. He is in custody at the South Central Regional Jail in South Charleston.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court, the sheriff’s department was contacted by a former confidential informant about an individual who had allegedly made an explosive device and had plans to detonate the device near a Jackson County school when children were present.

Officials said Garnes showed it to the informant about three weeks ago and at the time the bomb was lacking a fuse or some other type of detonation device.

“At that point Garnes described in detail that object was a bomb he had built from scratch and it involved a variety of projectiles suited for physical destruction, mayhem and death to others,” the complaint states.

“Some of the projectiles were listed by the informant as nails, BB pellets, ball bearings and bolts. The informant was told by Garnes the propellant used in the device was gun powder or black powder,” the complaint states.

Garnes also allegedly stated he planned to build additional devices. Garnes allegedly talked about killing people and said he hated law enforcement and his family, the informant stated to police, officials said.

Boggs said the sheriff’s department, along with the Ripley and Ravenswood police departments, the ATF, FBI and the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department’s Bomb Squad, assisted in executing the warrant.