CCMC gives seniors look at wellness center

PARKERSBURG- Area seniors got the chance to look at what is being offered at the Camden Clark’s Health and Wellness Center in Parkersburg as part of National Senior Health and Fitness Day on Wednesday.

The Health and Wellness Center, at 2804 Birch St., held an open house to promote the importance of physical activities in senior citizens.

”(Wednesday) is National Senior Health and Fitness Day so we were trying to do something to take part in that,” said Patrick McHugh, sales manager for the wellness center. ”We have a number of programs and services in place for seniors, offering membership specials and we are encouraging seniors to get out there, move around and get fit.”

More than 100 area seniors got to participate in activities, including healthy cooking demonstrations; tours of the facility; chair massages; class demonstrations, including chair volleyball, pickle ball and water exercise; body fat screenings, body mass index and flexibility.

”We have been really busy,” McHugh said. ”Throughout the day it has been packed. We have had a number of people who have joined. It has been good.”

He hoped seniors were able to get general information about health and wellness as well as show them what the center can offer them.

”We are the only medically based wellness center in this community,” McHugh said. ”The difference is our staff. We have medical oversight and a qualified staff.”

An exercise physiologist on staff can do a full fitness assessment of people and give them a 12-week workout plan. Special steps can be taken for people who have had an injury and need to come in and work out.

”We have exercise specialists who can monitor workouts,” McHugh said.

Carol Chichester of Parkersburg was already a member of the center and brought her friend, Kathy Diehl of Vienna, to show her what was available.

”I have been trying to get her to join and they had an open house and she decided to come today,” Chichester said.

Diehl signed up for a membership. She came to see what was available.

”I wanted to check it out because they have a water aerobics class that I am planning to take soon,” she said. ”I wanted to see what else was being offered.”

Diehl was impressed.

”I love it,” she said. ”I am anxious to get started.”

As people get older, they run into physical issues as well as other concerns dealing with the health, including their heart.

”This place has medically trained staff that are there and available to help with anything that might come up,” Diehl said.

Keeping fit is important to many seniors, Chichester said.

”It is about keeping active and staying active,” she said.