Permit fee changes approved

PARKERSBURG – Wood County commissioners unanimously approved changes in the county’s permit fees.

The changes will take effect July 1.

“We need to increase our revenues; expenses are going up. These recommended fee changes, for the most part, are not big changes,” commission President Wayne Dunn said Monday.

There were no comments for or against the changes at a public hearing held last week before the county commission.

“The proposed changes were discussed at the planning commission’s last (March) meeting and it was a unanimous vote,” Commissioner Steve Gainer said. Gainer serves as the county liaison to the planning commission.

Eliminated was a $10 fee for remodeling, repair or replacement (excluding room additions): storage buildings, porches, masonry stoops, canopies, wooden decks, driveways, sidewalks, windows, siding, gutters, soffit, wiring updates, fences, foundation repairs and fill permits in the floodplain.

A residential demolition fee remains at $10.

“The planning commission did not want to deter people from tearing down residential properties,” said County Administrator/Planning Commission coordinator Marty Seufer.

The commercial/industrial demo fee, however, was changed. The new fee is $10 for the first $1,000 and $1 for each additional $1,000 of the demolition cost.

The county’s building permits remain at $10 up to $1,000, but will be $1.25 for each additional $1,000.

Government-related agencies and nonprofit organizations must have a building permit but are exempt from the fee.

Another change places single mobile homes or house trailers under the same permit fee as other new residential construction.

There is a new $50 signage permit fee. A $150 additional floodplain fee was passed.