California fugitive arrested in Rockport

PARKERSBURG – A fugitive from justice from California who was found in Rockport on Wednesday evening appeared in magistrate court on the charge, officials said.

Daniel D. Welsh, 37, was arrested by West Virginia State Police after fleeing from the scene of an alleged domestic situation on an all-terrain vehicle, said Trooper A. Wooten with the State Police.

Wooten cleared the domestic situation, learning that Welsh had fled to Rockport.

Welsh was arrested in Rockport sometime later without incident, Wooten said.

Welsh was arraigned before Magistrate Joe Kuhl at 10 p.m. Wednesday.

During his arraignment, Welsh was informed the fugitive from justice warrant may lead to extradition if California wishes to press for it.

“For some reason, my parole officer wasn’t happy about me going this far away,” Welsh said in an interview after his arraignment.

The fugitive from justice warrant comes from Placer County, located along the border with Nevada in central California.

Welsh was denied bond based on his fugitive from justice status and bound over to circuit court. He requested formal extradition charges be brought against him and was transferred to the North Central Regional Jail until he appears in circuit court.

Kuhl informed Welsh that he could remain in jail for up to 30 days while waiting for California to press extradition charges. If California officials fail to do so in this timeframe, West Virginia could detain him for an additional 60 days for the same reason, Kuhl said.

Details on the charge Welsh faces in California were unavailable Wednesday night.

“I came to West Virginia for the deer hunting and the moonshine,” Welsh said.