Wood County Commission hears value appeals

PARKERSBURG – Wood County commissioners listened Thursday to the last of the appeals filed on property values.

Patricia Ward appealed the value assigned to her property on Sycamore Run Road on North Lee Creek in Steele District.

Ward told the commissioners, sitting as the Board of Equalization and Review to hear taxpayers complaints on property values, her taxes had increased 68 percent.

“It’s just brush land, most of it is very steep, and the road into it is not in good shape. We just bought it so the kids could use it to hunt on,” she told commissioners.

The property has two tracts, one is 50 acres, the other is 40 acres.

The tracts were valued at $29,000 and $23,200 in 2013.

“So you feel that last year’s value was fair? We’ve heard several appeals on values placed on raw land in the county,” Commissioner Blair Couch told Ward.

The 2014 values placed on the land were $48,600 and $38,900 for the smaller tract.

Dean Cottrell, chief appraiser for the assessor’s office, told commissioners comparisons of comparable sales showed about $1,000 an acre for values.

“I don’t think there was a single year it hasn’t gone up,” Ward said of the value on her land. “We usually just go ahead and pay it and don’t way anything, but this year I decided it was time to say something about it,” she said.

“It’s just too much, in my opinion, to raise her taxes by,” Commissioner Steve Gainer said.

The commissioners said they hope to have their final rulings by the end of the month. Residents will be notified in writing of their decision.

Those who appealed their appraised value and are not satisfied with the board’s rulings can appeal to circuit court.