Old fashion Valentines featured at The Castle

MARIETTA – Old fashioned Valentine cards were brought back during the annual Victorian Valentine workshop at The Castle on Sturday in Marietta.

Misti Spillman, education director at The Castle, said the cards bring the 19th century back to the day.

“Valentines became popular during the reign of Queen Victoria,” she said. “These are more personalized than what you can buy in bulk today. It goes back to the time when people put a lot of time into them and more sentimental.”

Spillman said those who came to the workshop Saturday were given an overview of the different types of cards with instructions on how to make them.

“Back then they would make them from lace and include pop-ups,” she said. “They used fine materials like lace and it shows the time and effort put into them.”

In later years, Spillman said the cards began to use more manufactured items such as printed pictures and postcards incorporated into the Valentine’s cards. She said while it was simpler to use the cards, many times they were made into part of a handmade card.

Prudence Burgardt, of Marietta, and her daughters, Flora and Bijou, came to the workshop Saturday at The Castle. They were taking part in local events after moving back to the area from Los Angeles late last year, she said.

“This was something we wanted to do but we were never here in February,” she said. “I’ve been told this is a very popular thing to do, so we made sure we signed up. It’s nostalgic for me, it makes feel at home again.”

Flora said she was making cards for family friends and her dad. Bijou was making cards for the same people and her sister.

“I’m going to make as many as I can,” Bijou said.

Sandi Somerville, of Belpre, said she was making a card using her favorite color, purple.

“I love purple and so I’m making this for my husband,” she said. “I’ve got one for him but this one will be special since it’s made by me.”

Somerville said she had heard of the Victoran Valentine Workshop in the past, but never went. She said a friend called her and asked her to go this year.

“Being that I haven’t been out of the house for a while I said, ‘yes, please,'” she said. “I wanted to get out and do something fun.”

Suzi Moore, of Parkersburg, said she came out to get out after all the foul weather.

“I’m in a card class and thought it would be neat to take one along to show them,” she said. “Getting out was also one the main things.”

Moore added she also likes to get out to various things going on in the area.

David Puls and his daughter Rachael Puls took part in the class Saturday. Rachael said this was her fifth year.

“This is the first time I’ve come here with him,” she said, referring to her father. “I don’t know who I will make them for.”

David said he was at his first workshop.

“She usually comes to this with her mother, who loves this,” he said. “I guess I should make one for my wife.”

Scott Britton, director the The Castle, said the workshop has been offered for at least 10 years.