Despite recent snowfall MOV?below average

PARKERSBURG – Several more inches of snow fell on the Mid-Ohio Valley between Friday evening and Saturday morning with more expected today, an official said.

About two inches was recorded to have fallen by Saturday afternoon in the Parkersburg area and up to another inch was expected to fall today, said Simone Lewis, a metropolis with the National Weather Service in Charleston.

“We are expecting another weak clipper system to move through the area overnight Saturday into Sunday, but it won’t bring as much snow as the last one,” Lewis said Saturday afternoon.

Marietta resident Terry Howell said he is tired of this winter as he shoveled the snow and ice away from his parked truck on Front Street.

“This is just getting really tiring,” he said.

Saturday’s snowfall caused a number of area events to be canceled, including the scheduled meeting of the local chapter of the National Society of Arts and Letters at the Marietta Country Club, but area drivers appeared to have few problems.

“We had no accidents called in at all,” said Adrien Nokleby, a supervisor with the Wood County 911 Center. “We were very surprised, but thought it was great.”

There have been dozens upon dozens of vehicle accidents throughout the area because of slick roads from snow and ice since the first winter storm in late December, Nokleby added.

In the past eight weeks, residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley have shoveled, swept and driven on more than 16 inches of the frozen precipitation, Lewis said.

The total snowfall recorded in Marietta from December to Feb. 14, is 16.3 inches, according to records kept by the weather service. The breakdown of that amount is 1.2 inches in December and 8.5 inches in February. The other 6.6 inches fell in January.

“Even though more than 16 inches sounds like a lot, we are actually a little behind the average of 23.6 inches for the winter months, which we list as December, January and February,” Lewis said. “There are still a couple more weeks left in February, so we may reach or exceed the average; you never know.”

Although some fresh snow is expected to end the weekend, temperatures are expected to rise early this week with Monday’s high expected to reach 40 degrees and Tuesday’s at 50 degrees.

Lewis said the system that will bring the more comfortable temperatures will also bring some rain, as well.

“There is a possibility the rain could turn into snow flurries when temperatures drop, especially at night, between Tuesday into Wednesday,” she said. “It is unknown if there will be any accumulation because by the time the temperature drops enough for snow the majority, if not all, of the precipitation will probably be out of the area.”