Davisville blaze destroys house, no injuries

DAVISVILLE – No one was injured in the blaze that destroyed the home at 87 Locust Ave. in Davisville Wednesday morning, officials said.

The family, whose name was unavailable Wednesday evening, was not home at the time of the fire, said Sgt. Chad Lynch with the Eastwood Volunteer Fire Department. The family was out with their pets, two small dogs, when the fire occurred, Lynch said.

A neighbor from a rented home on the same lot reported the fire at 10:54 a.m. Wednesday, Lynch said. The neighbor discovered the fire after the smell of smoke led him to open the door of the garage attached to the home, Lynch said.

By the time the Eastwood Volunteer Fire Department arrived on scene approximately 10 minutes later, flames were showing through the windows of the garage on the cinder block house, Lynch said.

The fire is still under investigation, although investigators have determined that arson was not the cause, Lynch said. Early results indicate the fire may have been caused by an appliance in the garage, Lynch said.

The house was declared a complete loss, Lynch said.

Mineral Wells Volunteer Fire Department, Deerwalk Volunteer Fire Department and Lubeck Volunteer Fire Department responded to provide mutual aid to Eastwood, Lynch said.

The nearest hydrant was 1,000 feet away, down a slope and along a gravel side road, Lynch said. Firefighters attached a line to the hydrant to fight the fire, but distance and gravity from the sloping terrain caused water pressure problems for the crews, Lynch said.

Firefighters were able to get the original garage fire under control quickly, Lynch said. At least, until the wind picked up.

When the wind began to gust, hot spots inside the garage flared back up and renewed the blaze, Lynch said. Before firefighters could regain control, the garage roof caught on fire, providing an avenue for the fire to reach the attached home, Lynch said.

The wind continued to spread the renewed fire, until the home took to flames as well, Lynch said.

“The block construction of the home essentially turned it into a chimney,” Lynch said. “Once the main structure caught, there was little we could do,” he said.

The block construction of the house contained the heat and allowed it to intensify within itself like a fireplace, Lynch said. The combination of the wind and the block construction allowed the fire to burn through the home quickly, he said.

A second house on the lot sat only 15 feet away from the main structure, Lynch said. This smaller home was being rented at the time of the fire, he said.

Firefighters concentrated their efforts on preventing the second house from catching on fire, Lynch said. They managed to save this smaller home with only minor heat and smoke damage, Lynch said.

The fire was declared under control 30 minutes after firefighters arrived, Lynch said. Hot spots and wind problems persisted for some time, he said. The scene was cleared around 3 p.m.