Officer shoots suspect near mall

UPDATED: 1:55 p.m.

Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin said two Parkersburg Police detectives were at the Grand Central Mall Tuesday afternoon when they witnessed a person being robbed in the food court. The detectives tried to stop the robbery and pursued the suspect into the parking lot of J.C. Penney where the suspect entered a vehicle.

“The detectives tried to stop the individual, and when one of the detectives reached into the car to remove the key from the ignition, he was drug alongside the car,” Martin said. “The other detective engaged with his department-issued weapon and shot the suspect.”

Martin said other suspects involved in the incident fled on foot.

The detective who was drug by the car was taken to Camden Clark Medical Center for treatment. His condition was not immediately available. Martin did not have any information on the suspect who was shot.

“Since it was one of our officers involved, we are trying to stay out of the investigation,” Martin said. “The investigation is being handled by the West Virginia State Police and the Vienna Police Department.”