Pet food drive begins

PARKERSBURG – The Parkersburg Fire Department has announced the start of its second annual Pet Food Drive for December.

Donations of any items for pets will be accepted, including gifts of new toys and hygiene items, said Capt. Tim Flinn of the Parkersburg Fire Department. Donations will be given to the Humane Society of Parkersburg to support the animals in its care, said Flinn.

Items needed include cat litter, cat treats, cat toys, soft dog treats, Kong dog toys, blankets and towels without holes, rubber gloves, trash cans with lids, trash bags, spray bottles, office supplies of any type, surge protectors, hand sanitizer, “Safe Paws” ice melter, AA, AAA and 9-Volt batteries, scrub pants and tops of all sizes, rubbing alcohol, Vaseline, canine nail clippers and cat and dog food.

Donations can to be taken to any fire station in the area, said Flinn. Bags of pet food need to be factory sealed to be accepted, said Flinn.

Toys and hygiene items of all types are accepted, although hygiene items and food should be kept separate to avoid accidental cross-contamination, said Flinn.

Special diet foods and cans of moist food are appreciated and will go toward helping senior animals and those with special needs at the shelter, said Flinn.

“Last year, we had several pickup truck loads of food to donate to the shelter,” said Flinn. “This was very successful last year. We hope to do as well or better this year with the Pet Food Drive,” he said.

Residents wishing to donate to the Pet Food Drive are asked to take their new, sealed donations to any of the city’s six fire stations during the next few weeks, said Flinn. Some stations have doorbells to ring to get the attention of firefighters, while others rely on knocking or calling ahead, said Flinn.

* Station 1 is at Third and Avery streets, on the bottom floor of the Parkersburg Municipal Building. Its number is 304-424-8471.

* Station 2 is at 16th and Spring streets. Its number is 304-424-8472.

* Station 3 is at 13th and Liberty streets. Its number is 304-424-8473.

* Station 4 is at West Virginia and Emerson avenues. Its number is 304-424-8474.

* Station 5 is at 1715 Blizzard Drive. Its number is 304-424-8475.

* Station 6 is at 2311 Camden Ave. Its number is 304-424-8476.

Donations should be left in the care of firefighters, said Flinn. Residents are asked not to pile donations at doorways, but to get the attention of a firefighter and deliver the donation in person, said Flinn. This will prevent donations from being ruined by weather or splashing and prevent stray animals from destroying donations.

Although all fire stations are manned, not every station will have someone present at all times. If you stop by one of Parkersburg’s fire stations and the firefighters are away dealing with an emergency, residents are asked to call 304-424-8470 to ask which station has someone available to accept donations, said Flinn.

“We feel that this is a kind gesture for area pets that need the care and attention they otherwise may not receive,” said Flinn.

The Humane Society has a detailed list of items they need on their website at It can be found under the donate tab.