Zoning up for a final vote by Marietta council

MARIETTA – Legislation allowing special zoning designation for three Memorial Health System properties in Marietta will be up for a final vote during today’s Marietta City Council meeting after a public hearing on the issue was held at Washington State Community College Tuesday.

“The city council has previously passed legislation creating an ‘H-M’ (Hospital-Medical) zone, and the Memorial Health System is now applying for that zoning,” said Councilman Roger Kalter, D-1st Ward and chairman of council’s planning, zoning, annexation and housing committee.

He said the H-M zoning would help expedite minor construction projects on the health system’s three Marietta campuses: Selby General Hospital, Marietta Memorial Hospital and the MMH Wayne Street campus.

“This zoning does not skirt any variances or building permits that would be required,” Kalter said.

City law director Paul Bertram III said the H-M zone was created by council legislation a year ago, and now the health system has applied for zoning at each of the three campuses.

“Under the old zoning if the health system wanted to build an additional floor or add a room to an existing building they would have to present before the city planning commission which caused delays for the projects,” he said. “The new zoning still requires obtaining the necessary building permits, but they would not have to appear before the planning commission unless the health system plans a project outside the H-M zone.”

The three pieces of legislation, one for each health system campus, were tabled earlier this year so that public hearings could be conducted as required by Ohio law.

Bertram said all three ordinances will be brought off the table for a final reading today after which council will vote on adoption of the measures.