Vienna officials seeking feedback on proposed community center

VIENNA – The Vienna City Council announced Wednesday a survey for community activities is available to residents.

According to Mayor Randy Rapp, the survey answers will help the city determine what to include in its plans for an expanded and renovated community center in the coming years.

The five-page survey is available to residents on the Vienna city website at www.vienna-wv/survey. It can be printed from any computer with Internet and printer connections.

The survey contains 18 questions spread across four pages, with one page of instructions. The questions will permit Vienna officials to better judge what residents want in their community center.

“We would really appreciate for people to fill out the survey and get it back to us so we will know what they would like to have,” said Rapp.

There are no structures in Vienna that can hold more than 1,000 people, Rapp said. “If you want to have any type of a gathering, you typically go to one of the churches or down to Grand Pointe,” Rapp said.

Vienna is considering building a community center, Rapp said.

This is “part of (Vienna’s) five-year plan. It is a fairly expensive project, so we are gathering information now to see what people want. Then, we will figure out where to put it.”

As for the price of the proposed community center, Rapp said that until officials know what the community wants to have in the center, price estimates are not possible.

Additional elements and facilities in the center will require a larger tract of land, and buildings of different sizes, all of which will affect the cost of the center, officials said.

The responses from the public will help determine the facilities that will be included in the community center project. The survey asks residents for their opinions on options such as a swimming pool, fitness machines, basketball courts, indoor jogging track, weight rooms, and areas for fitness classes.

Also listed on the survey are options such as after school programs, summer camps, teen programs, sports leagues, personal training, drop-in child care, meeting rooms, and rental facilities.

Residents are asked about how much they spend on memberships to fitness centers in the area, as well as how long their commute time to these facilities are. Comment sections are included on the survey, and residents are encouraged to give ideas in this section, officials said.

The city of Vienna will be accepting completed surveys for the next two months, officials said. Residents are asked to mail completed surveys to 609 29th St., Vienna, WV 26105.

Residents can drop completed surveys off in person at the Vienna City Building. After hours, residents are asked to deposit their surveys in the water bill payment box.