Newell to seek outside hire for finance director

PARKERSBURG – Mayor Bob Newell said he will seek an outside hire to fill the position of city finance director.

Angie Smith, who has been finance director since former director Doug Life left in January 2012, announced last week she would step down from her position to take another job within the city.

Newell said Smith will take over the compliance officer position in the city’s development department. The current compliance officer Lorie Gracie will move into a position in the finance department, he said.

“We will be reorganizing in the finance department,” Newell said.

Smith could not return to her former position, that of assistant finance director, because the position is held by Ashley Flowers. Flowers has announced she will likely leave that position at the end of the week.

“It’s not open right now, so it wasn’t really an option,” Newell said. “There is no opening for the assistant finance director at this point.”

Smith’s salary is just below $58,000, and Newell said that will remain the same in the new position. Newell said he has already spoke with several members of council and committee heads about upping the base salary for the finance director position to make it more competitive and attractive.

“I’m proposing a range from $55,000-60,000,” he said. “I am going to go outside (of the city administration) for a finance director.”