Castle in Marietta hosts the Trillium Piano Trio

MARIETTA – The Castle in Marietta has hosted the Salon Concert Series for years and it still remains popular with many area residents.

On Sunday, the Trillium Piano Trio, which has been performing at the Castle since 1998, presented the works of composer Johannes Brahms to a gathering of around 25 people.

The Castle, which is located on Fourth Street, is an 1855 Gothic Revival house which was the home of an Ohio state senator among many others over the years. It has housed some of the Marietta area’s most prominent and influential citizens. The Castle was deeded to the Betsey Mills Corp. in 1992. It opened to the public in 1994 and now hosts a number of educational programs and features artifacts of the Marietta area. Some of those relate to former owners of The Castle while others come the Victorian era and from the history of Marietta.

The Salon Concert Series remains one of the Castle’s most popular events, said Executive Director Scott Britton. Ten concerts are offered each year. The concerts always feature music, performed by the Trio, from the Victorian time period or from composers who touched the Victorian period.

“I think we have a very loyal following who come here,” Britton said. “They have been wonderful. The music has been fantastic.

“I think it is one of those treasures of the Mid-Ohio Valley that many people are not aware of. It is a nice, intimate setting for some wonderful music and people can discover it and join us.”

Concert attendance at The Castle usually averages 20-30 people or so, Britton said.

“We have great acoustics in the parlor,” he said. “It just makes a great place to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.”

The Castle hosts a number of other concerts throughout the year featuring jazz and other forms of music.

“They are always well attended,” Britton said. “It is just the diversity of the area and getting some of the cultural programs here that goes to our overall mission of educating and bringing culture to the Mid-Ohio Valley.”

With the Salon Concert Series, there are always discussions of the music and composers featured during that concert, along with Victorian refreshments.

Violinist David Puls talked to the audience about Brahms’ music and the man himself.

“He wrote a lot of flexibility in his music,” Puls said.

Pianist David Cooper plays on one of the Castle’s original pianos, a 1918 Steinway.

Since they perform 19th Century music, The Castle is a great venue to feature those works, said cellist Cynthia Puls. The turnout of people who come to watch them is always great.

“They call us ‘Marietta’s best kept secret,'” she said.

Suzanne Bock, of Marietta, comes regularly to The Castle’s musical programs and enjoys the Trio.

“I like to come,” she said. “I like chamber music.”

Becki Berlin, of Parkersburg, said the Trillium Piano Trio “is one of the treasures of the Mid-Ohio Valley.” She credits the quality of the music, the atmosphere of The Castle itself and more with why she keeps coming back.

“I just love it,” she said. “I am really learning a lot about Brahms.

“I am really impressed. I really didn’t know him before as a composer. It is education to come here as well as enjoyment.”

Many people discover something new when they come to an event at The Castle, Britton said.

“Most of the time when they come in the door, the more likely they will come back because of the experiences they had here,” he said.