Airport names new manager

WILLIAMSTOWN – The Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport will have a new manager with the new year following the hiring of a board member for the position.

Vienna resident Jeff McDougle, 57, accepted the position on Friday after he was chosen by a joint committee comprised of members from both the marketing arm (Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Authority) and managing arm (Wood County Airport Authority).

He will officially take the job when manager Terry Moore retires in January.

“I was not really surprised when they offered (the position) to me,” McDougle said. “Terry and I had talked when he first brought up retiring and I put a lot of thought into my decision to apply and I think I will do a good job for the airport and the community.”

McDougle joined both airport boards he previously served as president of the MOV board and currently serves as treasurer of the Wood County Airport Authority in 2009 when he moved back to the area following years of living in the Chicago area working for transportation corporations.

Although his last job was working for now defunct school bus corporation Laidlaw International as the treasurer, McDougle previously held top positions with three major airlines.

“Most of my work was in finance, but I also was in charge of fuel purchasing with one position,” he said. “With fuel sales being the main source of income for the airport, it helps for me to know how that works.”

For eight years, McDougle worked for United Airlines before he spent four years with Northwest Airlines and moved on to be the vice president of finance and treasurer for US Airways for six years.

“With my history and knowledge of the airline industry as well as finance, I believe I have a strong foundation to serve the airport well,” he said.

Moore said he plans to work closely with McDougle in the next two months to make sure he is as prepared as possible for his new job.

“My plans are to make Jeff as familiar with the airport and as many things and projects that we have going on as possible,” Moore said. “I would like him to not be surprised by anything when I walk out the door.”

Because McDougle has been part of the airport for several years, Moore said he and the boards’ members are pleased he accepted the position.

“I am certainly happy with Jeff. He has been sitting on the airport board for a few years and because of his knowledge, you knew he would not be surprised by anything going on,” Moore said.

McDougle and four other candidates were interviewed on Oct. 10 by members of the personnel committee and he was approved following a closed-door meeting by his fellow Wood County Airport Authority members Bill Richardson, John Pfalzgraf and Tim Flinn.

McDougle removed himself from discussions regarding the job when Moore announced his retirement plans in August 2012. Wood County Commission representative Wayne Dunn is not a voting member of the authority.

Moore said the board received nine application packets with eight of those candidates being from the area.

“We were very impressed by the level of talent we have here,” he said. “They all had strengths in different areas, which made the decision a little more difficult for the board.”

When he takes over the manager’s office on Jan. 2, 2014, McDougle said he wants to build the momentum of the growing commercial air service as well as look further into the possibility of attracting a leisure travel airline, such as Allegiant Air, to better serve those in the community.

“Because the airport is so important to attracting businesses to the airport, I want to help grow the airport to build the Mid-Ohio Valley,” McDougle said. “At the end of the day, it’s about the community and building to make things better.”