Zombie movie to shoot in Parkersburg

PARKERSBURG- The undead will rise once again for another zombie film in Parkersburg.

“ReZistance” is being prepared to go before the camera in October, said co-writer and co-director Mark Colombo.

”We are shooting an action/horror film in Parkersburg during the month of October,” he said.

The story follows siblings Luke and Greta who were raised in the hills of West Virginia. The two are pulled in opposite directions, Luke a retired police officer dedicating his life to serving his community while Greta fell victim to the pull of the darkness from the woods.

That darkness overcomes Parkersburg and zombies overrun the area where Luke and other survivors fight for their lives.

They have to strike at the outbreak at its source, which forces Luke to find his sister who may hold the key to the end of the zombie outbreak.

The film is being put together by eConic Films based in Parkersburg.

”It is basically a zombie film with a twist,” Colombo said. ”I don’t want to give away the twist. I want people to see it, but it is something that we have not seen before.”

The area has seen a couple of productions shoot in the area, including the recent “Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies.”

The lead, Luke, in “ReZistance” will be played by Mike Walker, who had a part in “Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies,” according to the Internet Movie Database, and parts in “Jack Reacher” and the upcoming “Out of the Furnace” starring Christian Bale.

”He has been in some big movies,” Colombo said.

The part of Greta is still being cast. The rest of the cast includes Ashley Nichole Deem as Vega, a martial arts expert; Randall Hupp II, who plays Cyrus; Hoss Ridgeway plays Hoss; Scott Stalnaker plays Cash, an arms dealer; Lauren Marie plays Kristen, the sister of Hoss; and Deget will play a character to be determined.

The production will be looking for local extras to play zombies and Colombo is looking for people with paintball equipment for a scene they have in mind.

Filming is expected to begin Oct. 5.

The film is being co-written and co-directed by Rich Rule, Colombo’s business partner.

The film originally started out as a 10-15-minute short film. However, after Colombo described “the twist,” Rule convinced him they needed to do it as a feature.

”We thought this time of year, Halloween season, would be a good time to shoot it,” Colombo said.

Because the production has a small budget, Colombo said they are looking for sponsors to help with some of the production costs. Donations will be accepted and businesses have provided sponsorships with the agreement their businesses would be featured in the film.

The makers are expecting to submit the film to film festivals and competitions.

Colombo expects the movie will be released straight to DVD, but said he wants to do a local screening for everyone involved in the production and the local community.

For more information on eConic Films, go to www.youtube.com/econicfilms.

For more information on “ReZistance,” including production information and to get information on sponsorships, go to www.facebook.com/eConicFilms.