Wood County BOE recognizes employees

PARKERSBURG -Members of the Wood County Board of Education were enthusiastic to start Tuesday’s regular meeting, eager to recognize the efforts of employees.

Judy Winans was recognized as the Wood County Teacher of the Year. Winans, a chemistry teacher at Parkersburg High, was described as “amazing” by Wood County Schools Superintendent Pat Law.

“She’s an outstanding teacher and we are very pleased she will be representing Wood County in the state competition,” he said.

Officials honored a group of employees “for going above and beyond” their duties to paint the locker room at Hamilton Middle School. The employees- Rob Davis, Doug Haymaker, Randy Holbert and Angie Caplinger -spent about two weeks painting and decorating the locker room.

Davis said they took it upon themselves to do the work.

“It was kind of an embarrassment to me and our kids,” he said.” The lockers were 45 different colors, and rusted, and you couldn’t open up them.”

“I have a feeling this goes on more than we know,” said acting board president Jim Fox. “The little things like this make our things so much better.”

Board member Tim Yeater was absent.

Davis said four or five others should also be recognized.

Finance Director Connie Roberts was appreciative of their efforts.

“We have a lot to do with a limited amount of funding, and we depend on employees and the community,” she said prior to delivering her financial report.

Debra Jones, service personnel employee of year, was unable to attend Tuesday’s meeting. She will be asked to appear at a later date.

Roberts submitted a financial report for the end of the 2013 fiscal year. The school system has less than $300,000 in contingency, she said.

“That’s way below what we should have,” board member Tad Wilson said. “We will have to watch our P’s and Q’s.”

Roberts said some of the decrease is due to a decline in enrollment. School system officials will get enrollment figures for the school year next month.

“Any other decrease and we will have to look at reining in some things for next year,” she said.

The board unanimously approved the transfer of Kenny DeMoss to assistant principal at Parkersburg High. DeMoss is also the girls basketball coach.

Board member John Marlow asked if DeMoss planned to continue to coach. He was told yes.

“We have two principals gone at the same time of the year. It is a concern,” Marlow said.

Assistant principal Jeff Mennillo is the boys basketball coach at PHS. Parkersburg High has four assistant principals, including the athletics director.

Some board members expressed concern the administration would be short staffed during basketball season (November through March) .

“It is a concern, but it can work,” Law said. “We will make it very clear their first responsibility is the assistant principal’s position.”

Board members spent several minutes reviewing a $10,000 legal bill from Bowles Rice, before approving payment. The billing was for the month of July.

Marlow said he was unaware of several names on the bill and their grievances with the school system. He asked to receive a periodic report to remain up to date.

Board members went into executive session just before 8:35 p.m., citing a personnel matter. They returned a half-hour later and took no action.