Suspected bank robber arrested

MARIETTA – A man suspected of trying to rob a Marietta Peoples Bank location in August was arrested in Illinois Wednesday after allegedly committing another armed bank robbery there.

Ronald E. Corbin, 49, of Lafayette, Ind., who was arrested by the Urbana, Ill. Police Department after allegedly robbing Urbana Bank, is a suspect in the Marietta crime and at least 10 other bank robberies in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, said Sgt. Greg Nohe, a detective with the Marietta Police Department.

On Aug. 26, Corbin is believed to have brandished a gun and demanded money at a Peoples Bank office at 206 Scammel St.

Learning there was little money kept at the location, Corbin allegedly fled the bank empty-handed only to possibly be the one to successfully rob an Athens bank less than three hours later.

Surveillance footage taken at JP Morgan Chase Bank on East State Street in Athens linked Corbin to both crimes, said Nohe.

“He was identified through photographs taken at the bank,” he said.

Also arrested for the Urbana robbery was Dennis P. Gallivan, 58, also of Lafayette, Ind.

“We don’t know at this point if (Gallivan) was involved here. We weren’t able to locate a vehicle,” said Nohe.

The department is investigating what ties the men might have to the area, he said.

They are assisting the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies with the ongoing investigation.

“At some point we will determine whether or not he will be charged federally for (the local crime),” said Nohe.

If charged locally, Corbin will face a first-degree felony aggravated robbery charge. The charge carries a maximum 11-year prison sentence with a possible three additional years for use of a gun.

The string of multi-state armed robberies were committed while Corbin was out on bond for more armed robbery charges. Those occurred in October 2012 in his home county – Tippecanoe County, Ind.

According to Tippecanoe County Court files, Corbin has charges pending for three Class B felony robbery charges and two Class D felony theft charges.

In Indiana, Class B felonies carry a prison sentence between six and 20 years. Class D felonies carry a prison sentence ranging from six months to three years.

Corbin posted 10 percent of a $25,000 bond in November and has been free since then.

A motion was filed Thursday in Tippecanoe County Common Pleas Court to revoke that bond and Corbin is scheduled to go to trial Oct. 7 on the five charges stemming from the 2012 robberies.