Police search for purse suspect

MARIETTA – Police are looking for a suspect who tried to snatch a woman’s purse at an area gas station early Friday morning.

Sandra Mishler, 63, of Akron was traveling when she stopped shortly after 4 a.m. at the Duke and Duchess Shoppe at 120 Pike St. While there, Mishler walked around the side of the building to use the restroom. As she approached the bathroom, an unknown male grabbed at her purse.

“She yanked back on the purse and he didn’t get it,” said Marietta Police Department Capt. Jeff Waite.

The man, who fled the area immediately after failing to steal Mishler’s purse, is described as 5-feet, 10-inches tall, medium build, with short curly brown hair. He was wearing a black shirt, black shorts, white shoes and had a dark blue or black backpack.

The suspect could be charged with attempted robbery, a second-degree felony.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Marietta Police Department at 373-4141.