McClure will serve on health board

PARKERSBURG – On Monday, Wood County commissioners appointed David McClure, executive vice president/chief operating officer at Camden Clark Medical Center, to serve on the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Health Department’s board of directors.

Greg Smith, who has previously served on the volunteer board, was also up for the appointment.

“It’s no aspersion on Greg at all, he is also very qualified, but we felt having the chief operating officer of the largest medical provider in our service area on the health department board would be a great opportunity, especially with all the upcoming changes in health care,” Commissioner Blair Couch said.

Health Department Director Dick Wittberg said Camden Clark also is the most active member with the Rural Health Alliance.

Couch voted on the appointment, noting although his wife works at Camden Clark she does not directly report to McClure. Couch said he earlier checked the issue with the West Virginia Ethics Commission and was told he did not need to abstain from voting.

Smith is a former public relations and communications officer for the hospital. Wittberg was present when the discussion of the appointment occurred, Smith came into the meeting after the appointment had been voted on. No time specific was assigned for the appointment, it was on the list for the meeting agenda.

Smith raised the option of creating a new position on the board for hospital representation. County officials said any changes in the makeup of the board have to go through the Legislature which dictates the requirements for the board’s makeup.

Also Monday, Greg Arnott was sworn in to serve on the Union-Williams Public Service District’s board of directors.

Whitney Cumberledge and Aaron Smith were sworn in as dispatchers at the Wood County 911 Center.

Carolyn Beckett, former administrative assistant in the West Virginia University Extension Office, was sworn in as a deputy clerk in the clerk’s office.