Lubeck PSD eager to expand sewer area

WASHINGTON, W.Va. – Sewer service to the Lake Washington Club area should be up and running in the near future.

During Thursday’s meeting of the Lubeck Public Service District board, the status of the project was discussed. Commissioners learned the pumps have been installed and tested.

Commissioners said the equipment to automate the system needs to be installed. They said the work may be done next week.

LPSD Commissioner Jerry Martin said the equipment will automate the sewer for the area like equipment in place at other stations throughout the district.

“It allows the pumps to communicate with the main office to alert us to problems,” he said. “It is very similar to how the automation at the lift stations works.”

In a discussion of the Belleville water project, the commissioners said they are still waiting on the decision on financing from the state infrastructure council for the water line extension. They said the district has submitted the application for the project along with a rate increase request.

Commissioners learned that one well in the district is not functioning but should be up soon. They were told a new motor would cost less than repairing the motor in the current pump at well D.

A used motor for the pump has been purchased that saved the district more money.

A used motor that has been refurbished will cost $2,100, about $1,120 less than a new one.