Belpre to shut off water on Farson Street

BELPRE- Belpre Water System customers in the Farson Street area will experience a shut down of services beginning Monday as part of the Farson Street Widening Project, officials said.

“This is part of the expansion of Farson Street,” said city Safety-Service Director Dave Ferguson. “The city needs to relocate the water lines and this work has been planned as part of the project for at least two years.”

At 5 p.m. Monday, construction crews are expected to shut down portions of the city water system serving the are of the road construction. The water will be depressurized to allow portions of the water main to be moved.

Ferguson said it is unknown how long water service will be disrupted.

“I can’t imagine it will last more than a few days,” he said. “But it all depends upon the timing of the work to be done.”

The affected areas will likely include: Farson Street from Washington Boulevard north to Valley View Drive, Hanvey Street, Norris Avenue, Rockland Avenue from Mary to Farson streets, Bellview Street, Park View and Valley View drives.

This is the final project to better serve the residents and businesses in the growing west end of Belpre. Shelly and Sands Construction was hired by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) earlier this summer to build turn lanes for easier access to businesses in the area, including the Marietta Memorial Hospital Health Bridge Medical Park facility.

Farson Street will be widened from the intersection with U.S. 50 and will taper back to two lanes near Rockland Avenue in a two phase process, Lorentz said.

The first phase will close the southbound lane headed toward the hospital while traffic coming from Washington Boulevard will be able to go through to U.S. 50. The second phase will close the northbound lane in the same fashion, with traffic headed from U.S. 50 to Washington Boulevard able to go through.

Ferguson said the moving of not only the water lines, but also sewer lines and other utilities has always been part of this final stage of the Farson Street project.

“If we are going to expand the road, were going to have to move the water lines, sewer lines and other infrastructure of that area of the city,” he said. “There is no way around it.”

Along with the disruption in service, there is water boil advisory, which will begin at 8 a.m. Monday and continue until further notice.

Residents in the affected areas are advised to boil water used for cooking or other consumption for 3 minutes before consuming.

Residents of the affected areas may experience discolored water. If sediment in tap water appears, flush the largest cold water faucet in the building for approximately 5-10 minutes, which should clear up most problems.

For information on the status of the water boil advisory, call the Belpre Public Works Department at (740) 423-6485. A recorded message will be available 24-hours-a-day until the advisory is lifted.