Rain slows Tweedle’s Cruze Fest

VIENNA – Despite a rain shower in the late afternoon the ninth annual Tweedle’s Cruze Fest took place Saturday and Sunday.

Organizer Rick Dotson said the show is held each year to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

“We do not have as many cars as we hoped for, the rain must have scared a few away,” he said Saturday afternoon. “That’s one thing we’ve had to face. This year the show will be for two days, so maybe more will come out for Sunday.”

Dotson said the weather in past years has kept the show from raising a large amount of money. However, in years when the weather cooperated they have raised $1,500-$2,000 for the network.

Among the cars at the 2013 show was a rare model from General Motors. Kay and Jerrold Murphy, of Vienna, had one of their five 1959 flat top General Motors cars, a Buick Electra, at Saturday’s event.

Murphy said they have one each of the models manufactured by GM. In addition to the Buick Electra 225, he also has a Chevrolet Impala, Pontiac Bonneville, Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight and a Cadillac Sedan DeVille.

“We’ve had the Olds the longest and the Chevy was hard to find because they were considered to be drive and throwaway cars,” Kay Murphy said. “We went to Wisconsin to get the Chevy and it had been in Iowa and the Buick we got from Michigan and the Olds was in Belpre – that’s what started him on them.

She said they got the Cadillac in New Jersey and the Pontiac from California. She said the Pontiac was also in the worst condition of all the cars he bought.

“You collect them wherever you can find them,” she said.

Kay Murphy said the cars get a lot of notice for the large back seats and trunks.

“We were at a show in Dayton and a little girl looked at the inside and the trunk and said ‘Daddy, I could sleep in one of these,'” she said.

Murphy said her husband has been working on the cars for about 12 years, but sometimes it takes a lot of time because items such as the correct materials for the interior are hard to find.

“It takes two to three years by the time you get everything together and worked on,” she said.

Gary Boley, of Newport, said he bought his 1938 Plymouth in show condition.

“I will have to do some work on it this winter,” he said. “There are a few rough spots that need work.”

At this time he said he plans to keep the red and gray paint job on the car. Boley said he has wanted to restore a car for a number of years but just never had the time. He said he just bought the car because he liked the look.

“I found it a year ago,” he said. “I’ve always been a Ford fan. This is a Plymouth with a Chevy engine.”

Five years ago Todd Newhart, of Williamstown, bought a 1966 Mustang to restore. He said he has been a long-time fan of the famed Ford model. He said rebuilt the car from the ground up.

“When I got it there wasn’t much there,” he said. “It took three years to rebuild. I bought it from someone in Elizabeth.”

Newhart said he had to rebuild everything from the engine to the bumpers to the exterior sheet metal. He did all the work on his own.