Officials: Gate would remain at Wyndemere

PARKERSBURG – Officials say the 12th Street gate will remain if Wyndemere’s private roads become public streets.

Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell announced this week he will ask city council and the Finance Committee to approve $34,000 to help bring roads in Wyndemere up to city code so the streets in the housing community can be dedicated as public thoroughfares.

John Migliore, president of the Wyndemere Homeowners Association, said bringing the roads up to spec will cost more than $123,000. In addition to the city’s pledge, another $34,000 will be donated by Gregory B. Krivchenia II through his K2 of West Virginia LLC.

“The rest, about 50 percent of the cost, will be picked up by the homeowners,” Migliore said. The association has completed about $20,000 in road repairs since 2006, he said.

Gates stand between 12th Street in Vienna and the beginning of Wyndemere Drive. No gate is located on the Parkersburg side of the road, which connects near College Parkway.

Migliore said the gates will remain in place.

“The gate on 12th Street will stay closed. We’re not going to have through traffic,” he said.

Newell said by city code, as long as there is an entrance and exit for the community, the gate will not be an issue.

“The public can access it, and that is what matters,” he said. “It is not a gated community. Just because you have limited access on one end doesn’t mean you don’t have public access.”

Newell said he does anticipate the gate will be an area of contention for some.

“The complaint is they can’t shortcut through that neighborhood to get to Vienna, and they shouldn’t. It was never intended to be a busy road, it was to be a residential neighborhood,” Newell said. “They don’t have to have both ends of that road open to traffic. It could be a gate or a wall or they could just take out the pavement on that end of it, as long as there is an entrance and exit for the public, and there is.”

Newell said he did not know of any other areas of the city with one end of a public road gated.

With Wyndemere, “this gate was already up. This was something the city took in after the gate was already in place,” he said.

Wyndemere was annexed by Parkersburg in November 1999 under then-Mayor Jimmy Colombo. As part of the maintenance agreement between the city and Wyndemere, the developers were to construct roads, curbs and a drainage system that followed city code, and the city would then take over maintenance after the roads were dedicated.

“That never happened, and the roads were never dedicated,” Newell said. “That’s an issue to be worked out between the homeowners and the developer.”

Migliore said issues the community had with the developers are “water under the bridge,” but said in 2006 Wyndemere was told to allow through traffic between Parkersburg and Vienna.

“The roads were in fairly decent shape prior to the city opening the back end,” he said. “We had thousands of cars going through. That basically ruined the road. We had moved in with the understanding from the city that this was a gated community.”

Newell said dedication of the streets has been held up in large part because homeowners couldn’t decide if they wanted to have their roads be public or private.

“That’s why lawyers have gotten involved,” Newell said. “If there is any dispute between the residents, I will advise City Council not to get involved in this.”

Migliore said he appreciated the city’s involvement.

“The willingness of the city and K2 and the residents to work together is going to be great for our community,” he said.